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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my Shea Butter in my hair?


Yes, this product is great for natural styles and processed styles, use it in the same way you would any other hair cream. Also note that it is great for heated styles as well use a small amount and give it time to sink in, about 30 minutes before you apply heat.


Can I use my Shea Butter if it melts?
Yes, some customers have left it in their car and it melted, it is still great for your skin and hair, it just doesn’t have the whipped consistency anymore. 


I have eczema and rarely use scented products are your products safe for sensitive skin?
Yes, these products were designed for specifically for sensitive skin and extremely dry skin.


If you don’t take baths how else can the scented bath salts be used?
They can be used in a foot soaker and the bath bombs are ideal for that idea too.


I have sunburn, is the product safe for relieving the discomfort?
Yes, you can apply the Shea Butter directly to the affected area, it will stop the pain and prevent the skin from flaking. Also note that the scents used are mild and will not add toward the irritation.


My cuticles are dry, will this product help?
Yes, use this product after you wash your hands, you will notice the difference Immediately.


What is it about Shea Butter that makes it such a good moisturizer?
Shea is the only oil that penetrates the skin and remains there, we add two more oils that are known for promoting healthy skin and hair, but it is the shea that takes it beneath the skin.


Is this product safe for tattoos?
Yes, not only does it keep the skin from itching as it heals, we have found that it makes older tattoos look new. New Orleans is a tattoo capital and some of our artist have had their own mixes created by us for their customers.


My husband’s heels are dry and cracked will your products help?
Yes, using the salts to relax in the tub or foot soak, along with a pumice rock & our salt scrubs once a week will start the healing process and daily use of the Shea Butter on the feet.


How does this product heal scars?
My customers have returned showing me before and after pictures of how my products worked for them. Shea Butter is amazing and my whipping it only makes it easier to use and penetrate the skin.

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